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Biome Diagnostics and 14 other Austrian startups honored as Born Global Champions Award 2023 recipients

VIENNA, 20th June 2023:

Biome Diagnostics, a rising star in the field of biotechnology, has gained recognition for its groundbreaking diagnostic solutions. The company’s innovative products have revolutionized the medical industry, enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis of various diseases. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to advancing healthcare, Biome Diagnostics has made impressive strides in the global market, captivating the attention of medical professionals and investors alike.

The Born Global Champions Award is a testament to the vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem in Austria, which has been consistently fostering entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing forward-thinking ventures. It acknowledges the ability of these startups to not only enter international markets but also make a significant impact and establish a strong presence within them. By recognizing the accomplishments of these companies, the WKÖ aims to inspire and encourage other startups to follow their lead and embark on global ventures.

Photo credit: Nadine Studeny

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