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VIENNA, February 2022: In February and March 2022 Biome Diagnostics got featured in the Magazine “Niedergelassener Arzt” and “CliniCum:onko”.

This coverage makes us proud and happy, because it also verifies, that we are on the right track towards a biomarker based on the intestinal microbiome.

Read the article in English:

Diversity leads to resilience
Recent studies have shown that a higher diversity of the microbiome composition correlates with a positive response to chemo- and immunotherapies.Furthermore, a correlation between an insufficient or abnormal composition of the microbiome and a non-response to checkpoint inhibitors was found.In the course of a successful treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting PD-1/PD-L1 and CTLA-4 signalling pathways, a stimulation of the immune system triggered by T-lymphocytes was observed. This leads to an inhibited reaction of the inhibition receptors, which enables the recognition and destruction of cancer cells. Therefore, a great potential lies in the development of predictive diagnostic methods that provide insight into the composition of the intestinal microbiome. These tests could be used to make treatment decisions that contribute to greater efficacy in terms of potential anti-tumour immunity

Microbiome research has arrived in Austria

The Viennese MedTech company Biome Diagnostics is a world leader in microbiome diagnostics, which is currently working together with six Austrian oncology centres on the development of a prognostic test for cancer immunotherapy in the entities NSCLC, RCC The aim is to predict response to immunotherapies in the future and to personalise clinical cancer immunotherapy. Predictions of the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors include both possible side effects and the overall response to available treatments. With the introduction of these test methods, it will be possible to make a significant contribution to successful cancer therapies.