Transforming precision medicine through microbiome diagnostics.

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Illumina MiSeq BiomeDiagnostics

The Science

Cutting edge metagenomics sequencing combined with advanced bioinformatics enables us to identify trillions of bacterial organisms and predict their activity and role in immune related functions in our bodies. We have developed a proprietary knowledgebase of over 800 associations between the human gut bacteria and diseases. Through our advanced metagenomic analysis platform, we combine this knowledge with one’s individual microbiome. This allows us to capture the state of the microbiome with one test and learn how the microbiome affects a patient’s health and influences diseases.
Biome Diagnostics (BiomeDx)

Key Facts

Well funded European company with a dedicated team of experts in areas of microbiome, software development, business and finance.


Worldwide first ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified company in the microbiome field.

We are combining microbiome diagnostics and machine learning to decipher one of today’s most challenging approaches to advance personalized cancer treatments.

Clinical Studies

In cooperation with five European universities and multiple top tier hospitals Biome Diagnostics is involved in several clinical studies working on the next evolution of microbiome diagnostics. Our aim is to develop medically-certified products that lead the way to future personalized treatments. After a decade of research Biome Diagnostics is planning to launch its first diagnostic tool to the market in 2021.

Our focus lies on two clinical indications which are at the current state undisclosed. For further information and updates on the progress of our research program please sign up in the form below.

Microbiome Clinical Trial

Our mission is to advance personalized healthcare

by providing healthcare professionals with

world-class microbiome diagnostics.

Biome Diagnostics is an Austrian biotechnological company founded in 2018 by Nikolaus Gasche, MD and Barbara Sladek, PhD, MBA with the aim to uncover the mysteries of the intestinal microbiome. For this purpose, a machine learning driven analysis platform was developed which analyses human stool samples using gene sequencing and bioinformatic algorithms as well as a proprietary knowledge database of associations between bacteria and diseases. It is possible to draw conclusions about the bacterial composition of the intestinal microbiome and its effects.

The company is privately held and well-financed by a group of committed investors that are united with the founding team by their shared vision of building next generation diagnostics products based on the power of artificial intelligence.

Our international leadership team, board of directors and advisory board have substantial experience and expertise in the areas of microbiome research, finance and technology. Together we are proud to work on life-transforming diagnostic products linked to the intestinal microbiome.

As safety and health of patients are the top priorities for Biome Diagnostics, the company recently certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality management systems) and ISO 13485 (Medical devices). This enables Biome Diagnostics to be globally the first company in the area of microbiome that holds both ISO certifications.

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