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The science of microbiome

The human intestinal microbiome consists of a dynamic multispecies community of trillions of bacteria. Advances in microbiome research over the last two decades revealed that the intestinal microbiome plays a critical role in the host’s innate and adaptive immune system. 

To identify the multitude of pathways in which the symbiotic microbiome interacts with the human body is an exceedingly complex undertaking. Though, it also holds the key for game-changing diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications that will be a quantum leap forward for doctors and patients.

We are involved in several clinical studies and cooperate with multiple international universities and top tier hospitals to revolutionize oncological precision medicine.

Finally, after a decade of combined research, BiomeDx has launched its first CE-IVD marked diagnostic tool early 2022. This product is a key enabler towards personalised treatment with modern cancer immunotherapies.

Dr. Barbara Sladek and Dr. Nikolaus GascheFounders of Biome Diagnostics

Combining large data-sets with proprietary knowledge

Our advanced analysis platform combines a proprietary knowledge database of bacteria-bacteria associations and thousands of microbiome profiles with advanced bioinformatics, statistical models and machine learning algorithms.

This unique and medically-compliant technology enables us and our partners to learn how the intestinal microbiome affects a patient’s health and influences diseases. 

Our modular software allows for white-label solutions as well as integrations to a variety of existing sequencing facilities.

The microbiome platform

for healthcare professionals

Our innovative platform gives medical professionals the opportunity to use our microbiome diagnostic tools to support their patients. 

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Through years of experience we have built a certified process for microbiome analysis – ranging from logistics, sequencing, to thorough technical analysis of every sample.

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