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BiomeDx and SanusX announce strategic partnership

By June 26, 2023July 10th, 2023No Comments

SanusX acquires a stake of around 20% in Austrian MedTech company Biome Diagnostics GmbH 

Vienna, June 26, 2023 – Biome Diagnostics GmbH (BiomeDx), an Austrian MedTech company that specializes in medical diagnostics and applications related to the intestinal microbiome forged a strategic partnership for growth in cutting-edge diagnostic procedures with SanusX.

Founded in 2018, BiomeDx utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to interpret the intestinal microbiome for medical purposes. In addition to its innovative approaches in precision cancer medicine, the company has gained market leadership in Europe with its lifestyle product, myBioma®, which provides in-depth B2C analyses of the intestinal microbiome. Through myBioma®, individuals can conveniently analyze their own gut health at home and take preventive measures to maintain their well-being.

SanusX, as a long-term partner, will provide strategic support to BiomeDx, and the two companies aim to achieve sustainable growth and develop new healthcare solutions together. Their focus will be on expanding the portfolio to promote a healthy and preventive lifestyle. The vast importance of the microbiome and its broad range of applications present significant growth opportunities for SanusX and BiomeDx. This acquisition also complements SanusX’s existing portfolio of at-home testing, which predominantly consists of blood tests.

Barbara Sladek and Nikolaus Gasche, founders and Managing Directors of Biome Diagnostics, express their vision of providing individuals with easy access to in-depth analysis of their intestinal microbiome, empowering them to take control of their health and enhance their well-being. They see SanusX as an ideal strategic partner in improving the healthcare sector and expanding their customer base to enable more people to optimize their gut health.

Erich Kruschitz, Managing Director of SanusX, highlights the investment’s key motivations, emphasizing the significant role a healthy gut microbiome plays in prevention and the potential applications of Biome Diagnostics’ innovations in precision therapy. SanusX looks forward to leveraging the vast market potential together with BiomeDx and offering its expertise and market access to support the development of innovative companies like BiomeDx in Austria. As a holistic healthcare provider and strategic investor, SanusX aims to strengthen its portfolio through selective future acquisitions.

Lukas Mayrl, Managing Director of SanusX, adds that their goal with SanusX is to support individuals throughout their lives, helping them take care of themselves and improve their health. They strive to address gaps and challenges in current healthcare systems and endorse innovative products that cater to people’s health needs. Home tests, in particular, provide an effective means for individuals to gain better insights into their bodies and cater to their specific requirements. The addition of BiomeDx to SanusX’s Diagnostics division enhances their testing product offerings, allowing them to provide customers with more comprehensive options.

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